I Want..

To laze in the lush green grass after a day of sweat and toil

To be free forever from all kinds of anxiety and turmoil

I want full moon nights,

I want to forget old fights.

I want flowers, and dreams that come true,

Rainbows, and songs in every hue.

A lifetime of ‘true love’

A Sign from up above.

To be able to catch people’s lies,

To be the truth in someone’s eyes.

Be someone’s center of gravity,

Their virtue, their depravity.

The perfect first kiss.

Success, good luck and bliss.

I want to earn pots of gold,

I want to break free of the mold.

Something to call my own

Not just this life that is on loan

To know my own mind.

I want ties that don’t tightly bind.

Maybe know the mysteries of Death & Rebirth,

I want the Heaven, I want the Earth.


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