3 Ways Your Friends will Stab You in the Back

Based on a true story  🙂

3) You have to get them a birthday gift. They’ll take you to a shopping mall promising they’ll buy something from there. But once you get there, they’ll buy you a super nice gift instead, and insist they didn’t like anything enough for themselves. Leaving you burdened with the guilt of not having bought them anything for their birthday in the first place!

2) You’re going out for drinks and dinner one evening. They’ll make you dress up, shower you with compliments and generally make you feel on top of the world (which are mostly delusions of grandeur). And then they’ll try and set you up with their single friends! (who may be very cute and charming, but that is quite besides the point).

1) You’ve been getting over an ungettable crush since forever. Most months in the year you manage to succeed too. And then comes the month when you tend to think of him more than just a bit. But instead of helping you forget about him, they’ll praise him to heaven and back; encourage your impossible daydreams and for some not-so-unfathomable reason, make you feel unreasonably homicidal!



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4 responses to “3 Ways Your Friends will Stab You in the Back

  1. “First-world problem”? 🙂

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