Pessimism Rocks

There’s something to be said for being a pessimist.

A person who sees the glass as ‘half empty’ all the time is at least prepared for all the curve balls and unpleasantness that life invariably and unceasingly offers. Moreover, every slightly positive occurrence is a boon to a pessimist; like when he expects a hailstorm and it just turns out to be a drizzle.

An optimist on the other hand must be the saddest person on earth. Nothing can ever go the way he expects it to. Like when he expects a PlayStation and gets a subscription to the gym instead; I can totally imagine his hurt and pain! I’m sure it becomes extremely tiresome after a while to be on the lookout for a silver lining but find lumps of coal instead.

I had a perfectly satisfactory, happy life when I was a Pessimist. Then I changed teams, but optimism only brought me to a place where there was nothing but dullness, desolation and depression.

Pessimism is Safe. Easy.
Optimism breaks your heart in the long run.
Pessimism Rocks!



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3 responses to “Pessimism Rocks

  1. the advantages of being a pessimist, you’re always surprised and never disappointed. 😉

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