Pessimism Rocks! Or Does it?

NO! An astounding no, all in capitals.
Being a pessimist is no way to live my life! After all, a little hurt and pain–or even a lot more than a little–is part of being, period.

Sure, I may never get sad that things didn’t work out, because I’ll never expect them to work out in the first place. But I won’t get to dream either. And I won’t get to work towards trying to make my dream come true. I won’t get to plan out things in advance, and I won’t get the thrill of anticipation. Is that any way to spend one’s precious time on Earth, I ask you?

No it isn’t. I believe that my future happiness depends absolutely on my present state of mind. Only I have the power over my life. Of course there will be curve balls and unpleasantness, but the way I react to them will determine their effect on me. If I choose to take them in stride and not let them bother me, only then will I be happy.

Moreover, I truly believe in the power of our own subconscious. Which is actually the title of a book a friend recommended to me. Although I haven’t finished reading it yet, the title itself speaks amply. The cliché ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’ is actually a truism as well: you have to believe in yourself and in your goals in order to achieve them.

Having the courage of your convictions–that’s all it takes.


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