Liebstered: Q7

Cats or Dogs?

There’s no competition. For me, dogs are way more understanding, cuddly and lovable than cats.

This bias may stem from a weird childhood encounter with a graphic novel, or as we called it then, comic book. In the story, the spirit of a murdered mob-boss enters his pet black cat, which then exacts revenge on all his murderers in graphically gross ways. I read the book all the way through, and then dreamed about that scary cat for two nights in a row. Since then, every black cat inspires terror in me, and even white, fluffy cats look devious in my eyes. Kittens I love, but then, who doesn’t?

I’m not sure why this one fictional cat made such an impression on me, when I’ve had scary encounters with real-life dogs. A neighbour’s dog bit me when I was three, and my own (late) German Spitz was so irritable and snappy that she bit me at least twice a month–I still have a couple of scars to show for them. Maybe I don’t fear dogs because I don’t have any memory of the former and no grudge against the latter. Also, my Labrador Sherlock is adorable, intelligent, and very, very non-scary.

So yes, dogs any day.

PS: This post answers one of my own questions that I put up for my Liebster Award nominees a few days back.


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