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For the Love of Old Books


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I love books, and I love bookstores. But most of all, I love secondhand bookstores*. No, it’s not because of the smell of old books, like people keep saying. Neither is it their easy-on-your-pockets nature, although it is one of the major attractions. Mostly, I love shops that sell secondhand books because browsing through them feels like treasure-hunting!

Actual bookstores organize books by category and alphabetical order and popularity and age group. Of course, that is to be appreciated in general, and be thankful for when you’re looking for that one A.R.R.R. Roberts spoof you’ve wanted to read for ages specifically. But plowing through the haphazard piles and rows and stacks of used books, arranged in no particular order of genre or author or price, is entirely another adventure. For some reason, it reminds me of the few  treasure hunts my brother and I had for our birthdays. You dive in, first get a bird’s eye-view of everything, and then search all the corners and hidey-holes for the treasure. And then the next one, and the next. The search itself is more fun, is much more exciting than the treasure itself, or even the satisfaction of having found it. 

And you never know what you’re going to find. You might go in with a clear mind and a list of the books you are looking for; and you might find one, or all, or a few, or even none of them; but you never leave the second-hand store empty-handed. At least I never do. There are always five other books that hold my interest, and always one that I just have to buy. It doesn’t matter that I have to study for the course I’m doing, or that I already have those three books I’ve yet to start, or that I really won’t have all that time to read so many books, or that I’m already in the middle of–simultaneously, you could say–two library books, three ebooks and one of my own paperbacks; I always end up buying a couple of books more from such places.

Visiting a regular bookstore is an adventure for sure, but browsing a used-books store is like an extreme action adventure extraordinaire!

*By ‘secondhand bookstores’ I mean stores that sell second-hand books, and not bookstores that are second-hand. Just so we’re clear.



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So Long, and Thanks For All the Fantastic Times!


Yesterday would’ve been Douglas Noel Adams’ 61st birthday, had he still been with us. However, he stays alive in the hearts of millions of hitchhikers-of-the-galaxy, and in the hearts of those who still practice the art of Zen driving (you never ask for directions; you simply choose a car that seems to know where it’s going and follow it. You may not go where you intended to, but you’ll reach where you’re supposed to).

So, in honour of my favourite author, I’m wearing my favourite H2G2 T-shirt today.

Note: I’ve wrongly attributed the quote is to Zaphod, it was actually said by Ford Prefect.

Also, if you haven’t read any Douglas Adams yet, I strongly urge you to get your hands on one asap. You don’t know what you’ve been missing! And a further motivation if you like Doctor Who: Douglas Adams actually wrote a couple of  episodes for the fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker).


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3 Ways Your Friends will Stab You in the Back

Based on a true story  🙂

3) You have to get them a birthday gift. They’ll take you to a shopping mall promising they’ll buy something from there. But once you get there, they’ll buy you a super nice gift instead, and insist they didn’t like anything enough for themselves. Leaving you burdened with the guilt of not having bought them anything for their birthday in the first place!

2) You’re going out for drinks and dinner one evening. They’ll make you dress up, shower you with compliments and generally make you feel on top of the world (which are mostly delusions of grandeur). And then they’ll try and set you up with their single friends! (who may be very cute and charming, but that is quite besides the point).

1) You’ve been getting over an ungettable crush since forever. Most months in the year you manage to succeed too. And then comes the month when you tend to think of him more than just a bit. But instead of helping you forget about him, they’ll praise him to heaven and back; encourage your impossible daydreams and for some not-so-unfathomable reason, make you feel unreasonably homicidal!


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