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“Shout”, you tell me, “have it out”.
Why won’t you learn
that’s not my way?
You fight,
make a scene,
then sleep better for it. But
I’m not you. I
fight dirty, and
close doors where I’d rather
have them open.
So I don’t fight anymore,
not like you do.
You think I’m a floor-mat
Because I forgive.
And forget.

You tell me
I have no opinions of my own
because I
don’t take part
in your inane conversations
about juvenile things.
And you laugh
at things that matter to me.

You believe me fickle
because I try
to look at things
from others’ perspectives.
Because unlike you I
am open to new ideas.
And when I make a stand
for something I believe in,
You say I’m a fool.

Why will you have me change
when you don’t even know
who I am anymore?
Why won’t you see
I can never be you

I don’t even want to be.


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Sometimes I feel
I am a twin.
Two separate people
all at once.
Two hearts, two minds,
two personalities
in one body.

Constantly they fight,
try to predominate.
Try to be the one
the world sees.

But I, I know
they’re both there.
I know that sometimes
I say something;
but inside of me
there’s another voice,
another mind,
thinking something radically different.

(This was written sometime on a two-faced Tuesday many years ago. Still feels unresolved.)


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