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“Love Will Find You..”


“You’ll wonder how, and you wouldn’t have a clue.”

–Vandana, my ex-roommate and favorite contemporary poet.


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“Shout”, you tell me, “have it out”.
Why won’t you learn
that’s not my way?
You fight,
make a scene,
then sleep better for it. But
I’m not you. I
fight dirty, and
close doors where I’d rather
have them open.
So I don’t fight anymore,
not like you do.
You think I’m a floor-mat
Because I forgive.
And forget.

You tell me
I have no opinions of my own
because I
don’t take part
in your inane conversations
about juvenile things.
And you laugh
at things that matter to me.

You believe me fickle
because I try
to look at things
from others’ perspectives.
Because unlike you I
am open to new ideas.
And when I make a stand
for something I believe in,
You say I’m a fool.

Why will you have me change
when you don’t even know
who I am anymore?
Why won’t you see
I can never be you

I don’t even want to be.

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“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
–Alice, in ‘Alice in wonderland’

I love this quote, but I wish I wouldn’t forget it during those alluring rainy mornings or those paralytic twilight hours. Times when I walk down the memory lane: look back and miss what I had been, see faces and miss the friends who were.

I wish I could stop fearing the future.


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Pessimism Rocks

There’s something to be said for being a pessimist.

A person who sees the glass as ‘half empty’ all the time is at least prepared for all the curve balls and unpleasantness that life invariably and unceasingly offers. Moreover, every slightly positive occurrence is a boon to a pessimist; like when he expects a hailstorm and it just turns out to be a drizzle.

An optimist on the other hand must be the saddest person on earth. Nothing can ever go the way he expects it to. Like when he expects a PlayStation and gets a subscription to the gym instead; I can totally imagine his hurt and pain! I’m sure it becomes extremely tiresome after a while to be on the lookout for a silver lining but find lumps of coal instead.

I had a perfectly satisfactory, happy life when I was a Pessimist. Then I changed teams, but optimism only brought me to a place where there was nothing but dullness, desolation and depression.

Pessimism is Safe. Easy.
Optimism breaks your heart in the long run.
Pessimism Rocks!


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Characters: Sherlock

SherlockThis week’s Creative Writing Challenge is to talk about a character in my life; to make this    person real for the readers. The post said nothing about pets, but Sherlock is the first person whom I based a fictional character on!

Sherlock is a two-and-almost-half year old yellow Labrador Retriever (yeah, yeah. I know that Sherlock is an awesome name for a Lab!) who first came to us in a cardboard box two years ago. Much training–he has trained me very well to feed him regularly and play with him when he tells me to–and almost 32 Kilos later he has turned out to be a little-too-friendly (according to visitors) and slightly overweight (according to his Vet) but adorable dog. For about 6 hours after getting a bath, Sherlock’s coat is of various shades of cream; he has almost white paws and a camel colored tail, of which body part he is unusually protective, by the way. His weird dark brown-pink nose and his half-cocked right ear set him apart from other Labs.

When Sherlock greets me after being separated from me (whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days, his enthusiasm is always the same) and wants to be petted, he has this habit of rubbing against my legs. And he has another feline trait: he licks his paws after eating, much like cats clean themselves! I’m not sure if that’s common in most dogs or whether it’s because Sherlock was friends with a kitten when he was 6 months old. With his kitten friend

Mealtimes are his favorite times of the day, of course. Except when it’s time for a walk. Or to play catch (his version of catch is where he runs with a ball/toy in his mouth, and I try to ‘catch’ him). When he was 5-6 months old, he thought his name was ‘food’; that’s the word he responded to, instead of ‘Sherlock’. As he grew older, this changed to ‘good boy’ and then to ‘biscuit’. Now he responds to ‘Sherlock’… if he feels like it!

Last year my mother added a small lily pond to her beautiful garden. But we live in a tropical climate and Sherlock loves the water. And lily pond + hot summers + Sherlock = Disaster! No sooner had Sherlock seen the pond that he’d jumped in the muddy water full of pretty flowers. Mom lost both her temper and her precious lilies that day, and Sherlock lost his romp-in-the-yard-without-leash privileges for a couple of weeks.

Sherlock is my best friend, my little brother (you’d think he’s higher in the family hierarchy than me, the way he orders me around!) and absolutely the most favorite person of mine. But I wish I could understand even half the things that he tells me. After all, he understands everything I tell him.sherlock

 Sometimes I wonder whether we really are the ‘most intelligent life form on Earth’.



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3 Ways Your Friends will Stab You in the Back

Based on a true story  🙂

3) You have to get them a birthday gift. They’ll take you to a shopping mall promising they’ll buy something from there. But once you get there, they’ll buy you a super nice gift instead, and insist they didn’t like anything enough for themselves. Leaving you burdened with the guilt of not having bought them anything for their birthday in the first place!

2) You’re going out for drinks and dinner one evening. They’ll make you dress up, shower you with compliments and generally make you feel on top of the world (which are mostly delusions of grandeur). And then they’ll try and set you up with their single friends! (who may be very cute and charming, but that is quite besides the point).

1) You’ve been getting over an ungettable crush since forever. Most months in the year you manage to succeed too. And then comes the month when you tend to think of him more than just a bit. But instead of helping you forget about him, they’ll praise him to heaven and back; encourage your impossible daydreams and for some not-so-unfathomable reason, make you feel unreasonably homicidal!


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