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Liebstered: Q7

Cats or Dogs?

There’s no competition. For me, dogs are way more understanding, cuddly and lovable than cats.

This bias may stem from a weird childhood encounter with a graphic novel, or as we called it then, comic book. In the story, the spirit of a murdered mob-boss enters his pet black cat, which then exacts revenge on all his murderers in graphically gross ways. I read the book all the way through, and then dreamed about that scary cat for two nights in a row. Since then, every black cat inspires terror in me, and even white, fluffy cats look devious in my eyes. Kittens I love, but then, who doesn’t?

I’m not sure why this one fictional cat made such an impression on me, when I’ve had scary encounters with real-life dogs. A neighbour’s dog bit me when I was three, and my own (late) German Spitz was so irritable and snappy that she bit me at least twice a month–I still have a couple of scars to show for them. Maybe I don’t fear dogs because I don’t have any memory of the former and no grudge against the latter. Also, my Labrador Sherlock is adorable, intelligent, and very, very non-scary.

So yes, dogs any day.

PS: This post answers one of my own questions that I put up for my Liebster Award nominees a few days back.


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Not Arbitrary

I’m in a pain-induced haze. No, no pain killers. Just this nagging, blinding, tearing, searing feeling that’s making me type out this random post. My eyes burn and weigh.. a.. well, they weigh ten times what they’re supposed to. Wow, I can’t even decide if I want this post to be funny or intense or arbitrary. Who decides what is arbitrary anyway? One woman’s arbitrary is another’s authority.

Oh. Epiphany!

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Unsophisticated and Happy

Sometimes I feel that critics, epicures, and experts of all kinds must lead such depressing lives. It’s their innate characteristic to look for perfection; but I suppose they hardly find it on a regular basis. And that must be such a constant let-down.

I, on the other hand, could never be accused of having discerning taste in anything, and feel much the happier for it. I’ve had seconds–and thirds–of food that others have called ‘passable’, I’ve enjoyed watching movies that others have labelled ‘a waste of time and money’, I’ve gladly worn hand-me-downs when others told me I looked ‘so last century’. And loved doing it all.

Experts must be such pessimists.

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50 shades of me?

*Spoiler alert* for ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’

I’m a relatively open minded person. I don’t judge people, don’t take sides. So much so that my friends accuse me of diplomacy. But then I read something like ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and all my tolerance goes out the window.

I have read only the first few chapters as yet–Christian has just shown Ana his ‘playroom’–but it all felt so wrong that I had to take a break before I go back to it. And during the break I realized that my open-mindedness was actually self-deception. I’m more conservative than I think, or would like to be.
Come to think of it, I should have realized this earlier. Because I can’t read gay romances either (at least those found on Goodreads), specifically their MSM part. Even though I love the gay couples on TV, e.g. in ‘Modern Family’.

Maybe it’s just fear of the unknown rather than intolerance. Okay, I give in to curiosity. I’ll go back to ‘Fifty Shades..’ now. Test my–at least theoretical–upper limits.

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I’ve lost count of the things that have been labelled ‘overrated’ in recent times. Sleep is overrated, life is overrated, blogging, taste, friendship are overrated. So now I’m officially sick and tired of the system of overrating.

Of course sleeping is not ‘overrated’ (which means ‘not worth it’ or ‘ given more importance than it deserves’); ask an insomniac if you think otherwise. Life is not overrated, and if you think it is, it means you are emotionally imbalanced and should take steps to get over your current life situation. In fact, I’ll oppose everyone who calls anything overrated; it’s such a pessimistic attitude! I believe every emotion, relationship, experience, and thing, is worthwhile. It might have a different level of importance for different people, but by itself, it is probably more underrated than the other.

Have people lost interest and faith in everything that is good; in themselves, the world? That they coolly demean everything from energy bars to existence? Or is this phrase just a  mindless, meaningless fad, and will fade with passing seasons?

I fervently hope it’s the latter; because even if it implies that the masses are prone to mob behaviour, at least it also promises that sanity will return in future generations.

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Paper and Ink

Nothing Beats a Fountain Pen

Nothing Beats a Fountain Pen (Photo credit: kartikay.sahay)

It doesn’t matter which century we live in, or in which country. It doesn’t even matter that we write on our laptops and PDAs rather than on paper. Fountain pens are eternal; forever.

I needn’t mention that I love to write with my fountain pen. They are so elegant, regal almost. Writing something–anything, even a to-do list–with a fountain pen somehow makes me feel like a real writer. As if I’m leaving something valuable for posterity; even though I know said posterity will sooner throw away my scribbles than publish them, and even though paper and ink are destructible whereas electronic storage is almost immortal.

I go so far as to buy hand-made journals for the specific purpose of filling them up with my genius literary work (well,  genius in my head), inked with a fountain pen of course. It’s a tale for another day that I haven’t yet written a word in any of the four such journals that I own. But although the journals are blank, and my blog posts are typed directly on my laptop, I do have this habit of writing down stuff with a fountain pen in my ordinary notebook at least once a week. Makes me feel important; as though somehow I’m fit to be within twenty feet of Edgar Allan Poe or Douglas Adams.


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It’s Amazin’ Dot Com

Okay. I’ve made up my mind. Online window shopping is much more exciting than actually window shopping. And it has all the characteristics of a dependency-causing substance; one that is ripe for being abused given the slightest encouragement. It’s fun, thrilling, addictive, and gives a high like nothing else!

As a rule, and because I’m a traditionalist, and technologically handicapped, I don’t shop online. And so the wonders of online stores were as yet unknown to me. But yesterday I was looking for a retractable lip brush online for fun, and unwittingly stepped into the quagmire of e-stores. And I knew what it was to be in Charlie’s shoes, in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Everything was colourful and wonderful and shiny and tempting. There was so much to see and I wanted all of it! The lip brush was forgotten in the lure of eyeshadow and shoes and audiobooks and pet toys and craft supplies and gift baskets and android phones. I even checked out the gardening section, although I couldn’t tell you the difference between a weed and a herb.

Some might argue that a department store is as tempting and diverse as an e-store. I suppose it was, the first few times I shopped there. Maybe it still is, for little children. But mostly, going to a shopping store is more of a chore than an adventure. Time consuming, backache-inducing. The store inside my laptop, on the other hand, is convenient. And I can shop–or window shop–comfortably, sipping my coffee, and reclining on my couch.

So much enthusiasm–and I was only window shopping! I wonder what happens to people who actually buy stuff online. It must require oodles of self-control to buy only what was on the shopping list, and nothing else. As for me, I found out a lot about things that I don’t need at all, and til yesterday, didn’t know I wanted so desperately!


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