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Not Valentine’s Day Again!!

Urghh! It’s February again. And I’m feeling the pressure!

I’m one of those semi-feminists who rebel against things like ‘beauty’ creams and padded bras and HIGH heels (worn for the sole purpose of adding height and not because they’re sexy) and phrases like ‘the gentler sex’ and Valentine’s Day. And so I’ve never used ‘beauty’ creams or padded bras and I wear high heels only because I love to and yes, I’ve never ‘celebrated’ Valentine’s Day.

No, it wasn’t because I’ve never been in a relationship (although, due to some strange coincidence, I’ve always been single around Feb 14). I’ve never given a romantic valentine to anybody since I was 17 because I realized that Valentine’s day is just another one of nature’s ploy to make women feel sorry for themselves. So the feminist in me refused to mope for being single, and I joined the class of those emancipated women who shun heart-shaped stuff and the colour red on Feb 14 and party with their girlfriends instead.

But this February I’m engaged! To a wonderful, generous, romantic guy who, I’m sure, is feeling the pressure too. After all, this’ll be our first Valentine’s day together. I can hardly tell him that we won’t do anything for Valentine’s. That’ll be like cutting my nose to spite my face (I’ll be missing out on whatever wonderful thing I’m sure he’ll do this year, and maybe for all the coming years too!) Yes, I’m a turncoat and a traitor to the cause of semi-feminism, but first and foremost I’m a girl. That’s my defense and I’m sticking to it.

Coming back to my dilemma–I’m torn in two; should I give in to greed and find an appropriate gift for my fiancé, or should I refuse to give in to social pressure and forbid all kinds of Valentine’s day celebrations in my home?

Wow. That didn’t take any time at all. I’m going to be all sloppy and mushy and lovey-dovey this Feb 14. And yes, I’m going to wear a red dress and serve heart-shaped cookies too!



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