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What’s Wrong With Vanilla?

From Merriam-Webster:

2vanilla adjective

1: flavored with vanilla

2: lacking distinction :plain, ordinary, conventional


I read a romance novel once, an ugly-duckling-turns-swan story. The heroine was advised by her best friend to stop being Vanilla (come to think of it, this was all in metaphor; the heroine was–predictably–eating vanilla ice cream at the time) and turn into Belgian chocolate or something equally exotic.

I have always been perplexed by this. What’s wrong with Vanilla?! Although, like all girl stereotypes, I love chocolate better. But Vanilla is great too! You can do so much with Vanilla ice cream. It goes with every kind of topping. You can pour hot chocolate fudge and nuts on it, or put some strawberry crush on it, or have it with fresh fruit of any kind, or put it on top of some hot chocolate brownie.. my mouth is already watering and I’ve not even mentioned mocha sauce yet. Vanilla extract is a necessity in almost all baked goodies. And my personal favorite–cold coffee. It’s just not complete without vanilla flavouring of some kind.

How then can we call Vanilla ordinary? Is being sociable an average trait? I don’t think so. Ask Mr. Darcy, if you’re still skeptical.

In fact, Vanilla has this amazing quality of being accepting of others. Moreover, when added to something, Vanilla turns the result into something greater and more wonderful than just the sum of its parts! That is exceptional, I think. (It is almost like Holism!)

That is what Vanilla is. Tolerant, open-minded. Methinks the world needs more Vanillas.



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